more ABOUT us

We are a coalition group of individual volunteers working within groups and organizations who advocate and take action on community and political issues. 


logistically & philosophically

our actions are either:

  • non-partisan

  • bi-partisan

  • multi-partisan

  • cross-partisan

OUR PREMISE: When more people come together for/against an issue with an agenda to make change, CHANGE CAN indeed HAPPEN. The more we are aware of activities within our local area, the more likely we can or will want to participate. The more people "actively" engaged in an activity the better the results.


Many passionate individuals, for example, may not believe they have the time to actually commit to "volunteer" to a particular group/issue, but they may indeed want to participate given a particular opportunity arises. 

Activities within PASCO ACTIVISTS are numerous! They can be in the form of physical meetups, conference call meetups, individual calls to action, small group activities/meetups, letter writing campaigns, door knocking, petition signings, movie/powerpoint watching to educate, social "for fun" activities to build recruitment etc. etc. The possibilities are endless. MOST IMPORTANTLY THE ACTIVITY SHOULD FOCUS ON AN ISSUE WITH A MEASURABLE ACTIVITY TO BACK IT UP! IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE POLITICALLY MOTIVATED!!!

Where We Work

We are primarily dedicated to PASCO COUNTY, FL (House Districts 36, 37, 38 & Senate Districts 10, 16, 20) but also to FL CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 12 (Pasco County, Northern Pinellas County & Northern Hillsborough County) thus encompassing dual county cities such as Spring Hill, Lutz, Dunedin, & Odessa for example. 

Our Neighbors

We also work in tandem with Organizers & Volunteers in HERNANDO COUNTY as some events cross over or appeal to Pasco. Given the level of "Pasco" participation in Hernando based initiatives this could even lead to a Pasco formation of a particular group.


Pasco County Florida

Land O'Lakes

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