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progressive democrats of america

focus areas: 

  • transforming the democratic party
  • holding elected officials accountable
  • electing progressive congressional candidates
  • partisan: Democrats

**You do not have to be a Registered Democrat to participate with PDA**

FOCUS ISSUES: Healthcare Human Rights ♦ ERA ♦ End Corporate Rule ♦ Global Warming ♦ Voter Access & Election Integrity ♦ Economic & Social Justice ♦ Trade Policy  End Wars & Occupations 

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We seek to build a party and government controlled by citizens, not corporate elites-with policies that serve the broad public interest, not just private interests.

Progressive Democrats of America is guided by the progressive vision of a renewed nation, fully integrated into the community of nations and peoples, respectful of the rule of law at home and abroad and committed to the universal values of human dignity, justice and respect and stewardship of the planet on which we live.

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Our mission is to help foment and evolve a grassroots movement to rebuild American democracy, freedom, peace and justice.

 People Demanding Action is the civic arm of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), a populist political action committee founded in 2004 to transform the political landscape in Washington and our country. PDA successfully fought for preservation of the social safety net, climate justice, health care reform, social justice reform, constitutional pay equity (ERA),

and voting rights.

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